hanging beds     Welcome to the new bed that is a different experience every time you lie down. Let the movement of your body help put you to sleep.

hanging bed, sleep comfortably, and save space hanging bed, sleep comfortably, and save space

Discover the relaxing and revitalizing therapy of a swinging hanging bed where every move will send you over the  r    i    b   o   w .

A unique bed system for hanging your bed is the first to offer this simple and relaxing way to rest. By sleeping in a hanging bed all the energy used while sleeping is returned to your body by gently moving your bed. Every time you move on a conventional bed setting on the floor the energy is lost to the floor. 

Let your bed move,   for you!

Furniture for use inside a room using a frame, which does not attach or fasten to the walls or floor in any way,  with which to hanging a bed.

hanging bed, sleep comfortably, and save space hanging bed, sleep comfortably, and save space


    Using the inside surfaces of a room, with a minimum of structure, to support beams to hang a bed.  Adjustable jack screws on the  bottom of each vertical support beam allow vertical post to be held in place by friction and guide blocks against the ceiling. Padded ceiling board does not mar paint. No screws or bolts fasten anywhere to the insides of the room. This makes the HANGING BED perfect for use in a rented home, apartment, or any fine bed room where no holes are allowed in the walls, floor, or ceiling. 

A hand crank and pulleys can be added so the bed can be raised to the ceiling allowing the room to be used for something other than just for sleeping.

hanging bed, sleep comfortably, and save space hanging bed, sleep comfortably, and save space

In this photo, bed up, there is still 6 feet head room under the bed.  A motorized version to raise and lower the bed at a push of a button is also available.

  The basic HANGING BED KIT frame consists of 2 ea. overhead beams, 4 X 4 in. pine,  4 ea.   4 X 4 in. pine posts. Two 2 X 4 in. foam covered ceiling boards and 4 adjustable jack screw post feet complete the frame. The box spring and mattress lay on a 2 X 4 in. pine frame which is suspended buy 4 lengths of 3/8 in. nylon line.  The length of the beams and posts depend on the size of the room. The frame in these photos is in an average 8 X 10 X 8 foot high room. A maximum width for a room would be 16 ft. Some space must be allowed all around the bed for it to swing without hitting other furniture or walls. 

ASSEMBLY: The beams and posts are precut to fit your room. The only tools needed to assemble the frame are a screw driver and 1/2 in. wrench. All hardware is supplied and holes are predrilled, with assembly instructions. The overhead beams of the frame must be placed in the room parallel or in the same direction as the ceiling joist, or beams, run in the ceiling. One person can assemble the frame however it will be easer with two. A step ladder is needed. The pine wood is cleaned unfinished. Finished wood is available, at extra cost, in most common colors, wood stain, or varnished. 

SHIPPING: Shipping must be via express trucking.  Shipping weight approximately 280 lbs. for basic frame.  Cost will depend on distance from San Diego, Ca.

EMAIL: Email questions to hbed@epowernow.com.

ORDERS: Orders must be placed via telephone to 619 770 8093, messages to 619 839 3994, please have the EXACT  dimensions of the room you are going to place the HANGING BED in, including length, width, and height floor to ceiling. The exact length and width of the box spring and or mattress you are going to hang, and type of finish if any you prefer. To use just a mattress or foam pad instead of a box spring, additional 1/2 in. plywood is needed to cover the bed frame, which is hanging, to lay the mattress on. If you are going to use the hand crank to raise the bed to the ceiling, not using a box spring will gain you about 10 in. additional head room under the bed when it is up.


One HANGING BED KIT, no wood finish, -------------------------------------------$569.00 USD 

One HANGING BED KIT with hand crank, no wood finish -------------------$719.00 USD      

One HANGING BED KIT with motorized bed raising, no wood finish--$1259.00 USD

Wood finishing paint, wood stain, or varnish, add ------------------------------$150.00 USD

1/2 in. plywood to cover bed frame 2 pieces with center brace -------------$50.00 USD 

For HANGING BED KIT to fit rooms larger than 8 X 10 X 8 ft., add----------$50.00 USD

 Satisfaction guaranteed, full refund up to 30 days.  NO SHIPPING REFUND ETHER WAY.       



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